Post Office May Stamp Out Saturday Deliveries

The Postmaster General told a Congressional Committee this week the idea of ending Saturday deliveries came only after careful study of ways to save money. Ingest Wilson of Biloxi doesn't like the idea of not needing to check her mailbox on weekends.

"Sometimes you get checks in the mail," Wilson said. "You need them, and you have to wait 'till Monday. So I'm not crazy about that. But I'm sure the government's going to do what they want to do."

What the Postal Service wants to do is undergo an overhaul to avoid a major crisis. The postmaster general says the increased use of the Internet is one of the factors in the Postal Service losing almost $200 million last fiscal year. A plan to save money by ending Saturday deliveries is not popular with some coast customers.

"We mail out things on a daily basis and expect things to come in on a daily basis and that one day could mean not getting some of the items we need in inventory and stock," Biloxi business owner Ken Conn said.

Not everyone thinks losing the service is much of an inconvenience.

"We have enough to do on the weekends," Margaret Shippee said. "We don't need our mail on Saturday too."

The postal service says it stands to lose $2-3 billion this year despite a recent increase first class mail to 34 cents. Therefore, managers say they plan to ask for another increase this summer. The postal service is also looking at closing some post offices and cutting almost 800,000 jobs.

By Danielle Thomas