Beach front walkway in Hancock County is growing

Beach front walkway in Hancock County is growing

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The concrete bike-way and pedestrian walkway along Hancock County's beach front is getting longer. Hancock County Supervisors said an expansion project will extend the pathway from its current location at Washington Street to Bayou Caddy near the Silver Slipper Casino.

The only area that will not see new concrete is the mile stretch in front of Buccaneer State Park because of wetland's concerns. However leaders are working on a plan to extend the pathway to that area some day by using wooden planks.

Hancock County Board of Supervisors President Lisa Cowand said the walkway adds to the area's quality of life. She said, "it adds to our tourism. It brings bikers to the area that might not live by the water."

The mile long extension project is expected to start before the end of this summer.

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