FoFo Gilich inaugurated as Biloxi's mayor

FoFo Gilich inaugurated as Biloxi's mayor

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was an exciting day in the City of Biloxi as FoFo Gilich was inaugurated as the city's new mayor. He was officially sworn in on Monday, but this time, it was in front of a large, eager crowd of supporters.

As he uttered the words, "So help me God," the audience erupted with thunderous applause.

Next, a video played echoing that "I am Biloxi" phrase he so often quoted throughout his campaign.

"[I felt] included, because we are Biloxi. I too sing Biloxi," said Janice Kennedy.

Afterward, Gilich took to the podium to give his inaugural address. He later explained why he had to fight back tears.

"The whole story of our family and the families of Biloxi. It just was emotional for me. I'm an emotional guy, and it was just that point that I tried to fight back tears, but I think I got through it OK," said Gilich.

In his inaugural address, Gilich talked about the first things on his to-do list. One of the most important involves making Keesler Air Force Base "brack" proof.

"I think the Keesler field is probably the one. Its 40,000 lives related to the success of Keesler Field. We've got to make those things happen, and a lot of them can be concurrent," said Gilich.

The new mayor also made it clear that nothing would be accomplished without team work, even cracking a joke or two in the process.

"I'm especially honored to see our city council here. You know, before the first election, there were rumors that four of them didn't support me. I'm sure that wasn't true," said Gilich.

After the ceremony, almost everyone in the building lined up to shake the mayor's hand, and supporters seemed to be all smiles with the person who they believe will carry Biloxi forward.

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