Man says driver kept going after hitting, killing therapy dog

Man says driver kept going after hitting, killing therapy dog

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A Harrison County man said he doesn't know how anyone can be so heartless as to run over his dog, almost hit him and then keep going. Jocko Angle runs an organization called King's Second Chance. He said his dog, Mo, was one of more than 50 therapy dogs trained over the years to help veterans.

On Wednesday, Mo was cremated. Angle said in his grief, there is also anger and disappointment. It was near his home on Freddie Frank Road that he watched someone run over his beloved Mo.

Angle said about 9:30 Tuesday night, he opened a gate to see who had pulled up in his driveway and Mo got out. He then walked into the street with leash in hand to retrieve the dog.

"I saw a vehicle coming. I had on a head lamp, a 150 lumen head lamp LED," said Angle. "I'm waving at the person to slow down. I started getting more and more frantic. The next thing you know, Mo is about 12 feet away from me when he hit Mo. Mo hit the bumper and went up under the vehicle."

Angle said he knows he isn't the only one grieving Mo's loss. He adopted the Chihuahua mix from an animal shelter as a puppy, then trained him as therapy dog. Mo often went to the VA hospital to help veterans dealing with PTSD.

"He went everywhere. He's been all over Long Beach," said Angle. "Veterans, non-veterans, everyone asks, 'How is Mo doing? How is Mo doing?' Right now on my Facebook page, there are a lot of responses from not only veterans that I've helped, people in the community that I know and they know what I do."

Another troubling thing for Angle is that the speed limit in front of his house is 25 mph. Angle said the vehicle was doing at least 60 mph.

"I could almost understand if he said he didn't see him, because Mo was a smaller dog," he said. "But I'm in the road. When I grew up, you would at least stop and say, 'Man, is there anything I can do for you. I'm really sorry,' but he didn't or she didn't. Just kept going."

Angle said he gave a license plate number and description of the vehicle that hit Mo to the Harrison County Sheriff's Department. Angle said Mo died immediately from the impact.

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