Coast Republicans upset with state GOP

Coast Republicans upset with state GOP

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi election for mayor created a fracture in the Mississippi Republican Party. The race between FoFo Gilich and Windy Swetman was non-partisan, but the Mississippi Republican Committee endorsed Swetman.

The state office sent out a letter suggesting Gilich was a democrat. Gilich did run for mayor as a democrat in 2001 and was active with the Harrison County Democratic Party.

During the campaign, Gilich said he was a republican. The new mayor appeared before the Harrison County Republican Club on Wednesday and started his speech on a playful note.

"I pledge allegiance to the Republican Party," Gilich said.

The Republicans were anxious to hear what the new mayor had to say.

The Harrison County Republican Executive Committee is disappointed with the state Republican Party and its chairman, Joe Nosef, over a letter sent out during the campaign.

The committee was so upset with GOP leaders in Jackson that it drafted a letter and sent it to Nosef, expressing its concern over taking a position in the Biloxi mayor's race.

"The essence of the letter was that we were disappointed that the state committee decided to endorse one candidate over another. We are asking for clarification on how that happened," said Frank Genzer, Chairman of the Harrison County Executive Committee.

WLOX called Nosef for a comment. He did not return our call.

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