Gulfport city council approves housing safety program

Gulfport city council approves housing safety program

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - In the past Gulfport firefighters installed smoke alarms through a program with the state fire marshal, however that program lost its funding.

The good news is, Tuesday afternoon Gulfport city council members approved a housing safety program which offers free smoke alarms and free carbon monoxide detectors to low income individuals and families living in Gulfport.

Gulfport's Fire Chief Michael Beyerstedt said Tuesday's move is an expansion of the previous program because it includes carbon monoxide detectors and enhanced fire safety information for Gulfport residents.

"Well the low income people are at the highest danger of losing property, losing life in a fire and by installing the smoke detector you reduce their risk of dying in a fire by 50 percent, just by doing that," said Beyerstedt.

The program also includes installation of the detectors and inspection of your home.

To apply for this program you may visit the Gulfport Fire Department's station one or the Gulfport community development department in downtown Gulfport to fill out an application.

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