Action Report: 18 Wheeler trucks almost tip-over due to a deep pot hole in Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Welcome to Middle Drive, the bumpy road that leads to Walmart off Highway 49.  The city of Gulfport now owns the road and while asphalt was added a few years ago to help alleviate some of the  bumps, it's still a bumpy ride.

The first street to the right off Middle Drive has a huge hole, a hole that has gotten bigger with use.

How dangerous is the hole?  A I was recording an 18-wheeler making the turn off Middle Drive, it almost tipped-over on its side.

Henry Curtis says his 18-wheeler was damaged and almost flipped over when he made the turn on what he said looked like a water puddle.  At the time he says his rig was fully loaded with about 40,000 pounds of cargo.

Curtis said, "It was a big hole and my rear tandem went down and as it went down, it damaged a generator pack that was hanging underneath my chasse.  I've got several thousand dollars worth of damage."

Witnesses say a few weeks ago a Coca Cola truck had to be pulled out by a tow truck.

We have learned that the new owner of the building that used to house a Mexican restaurant is going to have the road resurfaced... but it won't include fixing the hole.

Besides 18 wheelers, cars, trucks and also vans have difficulty in trying to maneuver past that big hole.  Can the city of Gulfport do anything?

I contacted Gulfport Director of Public Works Wayne Miller on Friday and he said a small portion of the deep hole is located on 18-inches of city property.

On Monday he had city workers filling up the entire hole with limestone.

Miller says he took action because of safety concerns. But he says,  from now on the other owner of the property will be responsible for maintaining the street.

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