Biloxi police investigate threatening Facebook post

Biloxi police investigate threatening Facebook post

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi police are investigating a threat made against the department via Facebook over the weekend. Police say several people alerted them to the post. They have been investigating it and have spoken to the person responsible.

The profanity laden post starts with the statement, "I wouldn't mind slaughtering the family of any Biloxi pig." It goes on to call for civil disorder.

"We have an absolute right to protect our officers, and so if you're going to make a threat and you're going to do things like that, then we have to take that as a very genuine threat," said Maj. Jim Adamo.

Adamo says no matter how threats toward the department are made, they will always be taken seriously, even if it comes from a social media account.

"We forward that information to the intelligence unit, and they will do their best to collect as much information that's available about the threat," said Adamo.

In April, a Georgia woman was arrested for making threats against white police officers. Her outlet was Facebook.

"I mean social media. I mean, it's putting out there for the whole world so you know it's serious. People need to be very careful about what they put on social media," said Lois Reidy.

Biloxi residents seem to agree that police should take social media threats seriously for their protection.

"I would take it just as serious as if it was something like that to believe that they would possibly probably do it, because these days people just don't care what they say or do," said Terri White.

Adamo says this is not the first time they have dealt with threats against the department, but with all that's happening in the country concerning law enforcement, it is important for them to be alerted when someone is using social media to express their ill feelings toward law enforcement.

"Should we come up on that person, I think we would like to know that this person harbors some ill will and animosity toward the police. Maybe we need to use some extra precautions in the way we deal with them," said Adamo.

According to Biloxi police, the man who made the threat was arrested over the weekend before he made the post.

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