Revelers Hit Streets for D'Iberville Parade

City streets were also lined with people hoping to catch a glimpse of D'Iberville North Bay Area Parade.

Not even overcast skies could dampen the spirits of revelers

Cassandra Lizana said, "I like this parade because it's family oriented."

"It's really good, really good. It's getting better year by year," said parade-goer Paul Delancey.

It's an occasion Sammy Thurman suits up for every year.

"This is the outfit that I always wear and have been wearing for ten years. It goes along with the college I graduated from, Alcorn State University, purple and gold." said Thurman.

The North Bay Area parade rout is is one of the longest parade routes in South Mississippi, stretching four miles from Jackson to Harrison County, but the streets were still packed with people wanting to have a good time.

"My very first time, I'm very excited," said Melanie Willis."Oh, it's great. We're just having a blast."

"This is the third time for us to come here because it's close to the house, and it's easy for the kids to come here. We got a lot of beads. It's a lot of fun," said Maritza Ruiz.