PRC Law Enforcers receive kind gesture from day care center

PRC Law Enforcers receive kind gesture from day care center

A kind gesture made by the children of a Poplarville Day Care Center was inspired by the senseless murders of the Hattiesburg Police Officers.

"It's been a really tough week May 9th Hattiesburg lost two officers that were murdered that was a bad start to the week," said Chief Deputy Shane Tucker with the Pearl River County Sheriff's Department.

At a time when unrest exist between police and the communities they are sworn to protect across the nation, children from Kids' Kampus Day Care Center in Poplarville wanted to show their appreciation.

They delivered what they call survival kits to every law enforcement agency in Pearl River County.

"It's just a small gesture on their part what they thought was probably a small gesture but it turned out to inspired our deputies when they received these and they read what each item is about and what it represents that's a part of this kit," said Tucker.

Law enforcers say the survival kits of candy contained some powerful meaningful words of gratitude.

Tucker said, "It has life-savers and that's to remind us of the many times we've been one. Starburst, for the burst of energy you need, Paydays cause you're not doing it for the money, Hershey kisses to show love for you, gum to help everyone stick together, peppermint patties helping you keep your cool."

Christa Groom, A Detective with the Picayune Police Department said, "It was greatly appreciated it gave us reassurance that people out there still care about the job that we do and the sacrifices that we make."

The Picayune Police Department wanted to reciprocate, so they delivered bags of goodies to the children and care takers of Kids' Kampus.

"To thank them for thanking us," said Detective Groom.

Leaders of the day care said it was a gesture they were compelled to make.

"We have several kids who have a parent or family member in law enforcement and they needed to know were here to support them just like they are here to keep our kids safe," explained Kaitlyn Longino, Assistant Director of Kids' Kampus.

The children told the Picayune Police Officers "Thank You!" as the officers departed the day care center.

The gesture was also made because this week is National Law enforcement appreciation week. Officers with the Lumberton Police Department also received survival kits from Kids' Kampus.

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