Suspects named in Waveland medical office raid

Suspects named in Waveland medical office raid

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - WLOX News now knows more about the three people indicted in that prescription pill raid Wednesday night at Total Health Solutions in Waveland.

The indictment against them was unsealed in federal court in Gulfport on Thursday morning. Accused in the indictment are a doctor, nurse and nurse technician.

The federal indictment accused Dr. Steve Morris, Nurse Peggy Laporte and Nurse Technician Brittany Spikes of conspiracy to possess, distribute and dispense a controlled substance outside of the scope of a professional practice.

All three face 57 counts each.

The trio's attorney said the charges are just that, and no one should jump to conclusions.

"You've heard the term "pill mill," and there are businesses like that. Now, this is not that type of business. This is a legitimate medical practice," said defense attorney Karl Koch. "It appears from the indictment, because of the number of dates that were listed, that perhaps the government had someone posing as a patient go in, and the treatment of that individual obviously will become very important in the allegations. They are very specific it's on such and such day you prescribed this type of medication and you should not have. Well, we will see what the medical records show. At this point, that is very difficult to address, because the government came and took all of the medical records."

The indictments followed a raid of the business by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. Several boxes marked "evidence" were seized by the agents.

Morris and Laporte will be back in court Tuesday to face an arraignment and a detention hearing. Judge Robert Walker allowed Spikes to bond out.

Spikes, had no comment as she left the courthouse. The agent representing the DEA in court also had no comment about the case.

If convicted, all three medical workers face up to 20 years in prison, and a $1 million fine.

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