Caillavet Street Business Owners Settle With Biloxi

The ongoing dispute between Caillavet Street business owner Junie Desporte and the city of Biloxi is finally over. Tuesday night, the city council approved a plan that will pay Desporte $213,000 for his property. That's $26,000 less than what Desporte asked for.

The city needs to purchase Desporte's family seafood business, so it can move forward with the Caillavet Street widening project. The agreement means Desporte and the city will not have to go to court to settle the dispute through eminent domain proceedings.

Junie Desporte says he's glad both sides reached an agreement after several years of disagreements. He says it's best for him, his brother and his family. Desporte says his family has had a rough year this year, so they decided the city's offer was close enough to what they wanted, without having to go to court. He says the family decided enough is enough, it's time to get it over with and get on with their lives.

The agreement also allows Desporte up to nine months to move out. Desporte says he plans to relocate his seafood business to property at the corner of Porter Avenue and Division Street. Mayor A.J. Holloway says the agreement makes him feel good. He says the widening project needs to go forward.

By: Trang Pham-Bui