Termites swarming parts of the coast

Termites swarming parts of the coast

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - On Tuesday and Wednesday WLOX received numerous calls about termite swarms from residents in Biloxi, Gulfport to Bay St. Louis. The flying, crawling termites have South Mississippi home and business owners bugged out and worried the insects will chew up their property.

The swarms moved around coast the causing quite an alarm. Those fears turned into phone calls to pest control companies. Experts say these pests could become a serious problem if they aren't dealt with early.

Pest control experts say it's swarming season and it usually starts around Mother's Day. This is a time for the bugs to find new homes and start new colonies. The species, many are dealing with here on the coast are called the Formosan Subterranean Termite.

"Formosan termites can cause extensive damage over a short period of time. The regular subterranean termite can cause damage, but it's not quite as aggressive as a formosan termite," said Gordon Redd, who is the owner of Redd Pest Solutions.

He says the the bugs are one of the most destructive pests his company deals with on the coast. And it's a good idea to deal with them on the front end before an infestation causes thousands of dollars in damage. John Windham with Havard Pest Control was busy checking homes on Tuesday, looking for these pesky insects.

"Checking and making sure that they were not in the walls. Checking around all the doors, window seals. Seeing if they had an kind of moisture problems," said Windham.

According to Gordon Redd with Redd Pest Solutions, these wood eaters are attracted to moisture, lights and a few other things.

"They may go towards a particular color. They may go towards a particular aroma. It could be just the person's chemistry," said Redd.

Some of the methods they use to kill termites is with an in ground bait station. It's like dessert to termites. Once they eat it, it stunts there growth, ultimately leading to there death. If you see termites at your home or business, the experts recommend you contact them immediately so these bugs don't chew up your building. Pest Control companies say bed bugs and crazy ants are becoming growing problems here on the coast.

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