Construction approved to make dangerous intersection safer

Construction approved to make dangerous intersection safer
This is a sketch of the proposed roundabout. (Image source: MDOT)
This is a sketch of the proposed roundabout. (Image source: MDOT)

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Funding is now in place to make a dangerous D'Iberville intersection safer. The intersection at Lamey Bridge Road and Highway 15 has been a concern for drivers for quite some time, which prompted city officials to request funding from MDOT to fix the intersection. Now that request has been approved, and drivers are excited to see it come to life.

"It's very dangerous. It definitely needs to be a four-way for sure. There is constantly traffic. People just don't slow down. There was a school bus accident. It's really dangerous," said one driver.

But soon that anxiety and fear could go away since MDOT approved the city's request to fix the intersection.

"We were requesting some signalization or whatever and MDOT has come up with a roundabout. They came to me last month and said that they have approved this project. They're going to fully fund it 100 percent," said City Manager Bobby Eleuterius, who made the announcement at the state of the city address.

He said work is slated to begin in January. Drivers seemed to be pleased with the news.

"I think it's a good idea to do construction right there, because people can get hurt and stuff like that and you got stop signs and people won't run it," said another driver.

Even though this is a problem intersection, many D'Iberville residents want to know why the intersection at Big John Road and Hwy 67, where two teens were killed, isn't getting fixed first.

"That's not in our city limits and I can't speak for MDOT. I know they're looking at it. I know that's where one of the deaths occurred," said Eleuterius. "I have children that live on that road, so it also concerns me as a parent. However, they're going to have to talk to those officials."

Construction is slated to begin on the roundabout in January of next year.

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