Shuckers fans line team store to get inaugural game tickets

Shuckers fans line team store to get inaugural game tickets
Home tickets range in price from $11 to $28. (Photo source: WLOX)
Home tickets range in price from $11 to $28. (Photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Tickets for the first Biloxi Shuckers home game are on sale now. In fact, individual tickets went on sale for the first time Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.

Kelly Ferrill was first in line to buy her tickets for the Shuckers' first home game, set for June 6. She says she came to claim her spot at 6:30 a.m., driving all the way from Saucier.

"I have five kids, and I definitely wanted to make sure everybody sat together. I knew tickets were going to be going crazy, and I wanted to make sure my seats got together for my kids," Ferrill said.

Not too far behind Ferrill was Manny Skinner, of Biloxi.

"This is all about my grandson right here," Skinner said with a smile.

Skinner's grandson is 5 years old. He says he looks forward to giving him a chance at being a part of Biloxi history.

"First game ever in Biloxi, and he can look back, and he'll know when he was there whenever they played the first game in Biloxi. I think it's a great thing. I really do," Skinner said nodding his head.

I asked Skinner if he ever thought a baseball team would actually come to Biloxi.

"Never did in a million years. I've been here for 68 years, and I never dreamed Biloxi would have a baseball team," he replied.

After the doors of the team store opened at 10 a.m, the sales began. Ferrill says it never felt so good to swipe her card for a purchase.

"Definitely exciting. My kids will be very, extremely happy," she said with excitement.

Although glitches occurred from the high volume of traffic on Ticketmaster, many say to see the Shuckers hit the field, the wait was worth it.

"I'm thrilled with it, and I'm not an early morning person. So, for me to get up and be here is a biggie," said Darlene Campbell, of Biloxi.

"I think major league organization has done everything they can to send quality players here, and I look for a good season," said Gary Higginbotham, of D'Iberville.

Home tickets range in price from $11 to $28. Fans can also purchase tickets online by visiting the team's official website:


Shuckers General Manager Buck Rogers said if MGM Park is not ready for play by June 6, anyone who has purchased tickets will be able to exchange those tickets for a future home game. He says that will be the same policy as a rained out game.

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