Biloxi schools help 3rd graders prepare to retake reading test

Biloxi schools help 3rd graders prepare to retake reading test

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Out of 472 third graders in the Biloxi School District, 29 of them didn't pass the reading test. The district didn't waste any time working closely with those students to help them out.

As soon as the scores were released last Friday, each elementary school in Biloxi identified students who didn't make the grade and placed them into small groups. Their schedules were changed so they could get 180 minutes of literacy tutoring every day.

"Very intense. We do a little bit whole group, move into groups, go back to do whole group instruction again. We work on phonics, reading fluency, comprehension. We're doing it every day until the test," said Jeff Davis Elementary reading teacher Dori Skrnich.

The students also have homework every day, so they can work with their parents to boost their literacy skills. This is a test they must pass in order to be promoted to the fourth grade.

"Having them take their time, read carefully, choose the answer. Think about it before they choose an answer. The most important thing is to read carefully," said Skrnich.

Third graders who don't pass the test next week will get another chance over the summer. The district will offer those students the opportunity to attend literacy camps in June. There are three sessions.

The camps are also for second graders who are showing early signs of having reading problems.

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