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Gautier's Newest Residents Still Not Satisfied With Services

"It's terrible. It's constantly beaten up and every time it rains, it floods," Gautier resident Matt Feathers says.

Feather says this road, like many in Hickory Hills, hasn't been repaved since it was built.

"Late fifties, early sixties maybe. You've got all of these houses, and they're all fairly new," Feathers adds.

Gautier's newest residents had hoped that better roads would be one of the benefits of annexation.

Bob Hayes thought a voice in the city council would be another benefit. But people in the annexed area won't elect their own council member until this year.

"They should have assigned someone to be our representative so that when we saw something we needed, we could pick up the phone and call them," Hayes says.

Hayes says most of the people in the area were against annexation before it happened. Now he says most are frustrated.

"When somebody tells you they're going to do something and they don't do it, you're going to retain that negative feeling until you see something positive going on."

"I don't believe that they actually knew what it would take to run the city with all the new land, all the people, and all the services that would have to be provided. I don't think the calculation was done prior to annexation," Feathers says.

Annexation doubled the city's land size and increased the population by 30 percent. City leaders say the annexed area does have better police and fire protection and other improvements will come.

By Jaimee Goad

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