Joel's Blog: Slow moving cold front keeps us warm and muggy

Joel's Blog: Slow moving cold front keeps us warm and muggy

The past few days have been rather active across the mid-section of the country when it comes to weather. This same system is moving into our area, but as it runs out of daytime heating and creeps into a drier air mass; it is losing quite a bit of intensity.

At first glance, you'd think this would bring cooler temperatures as the storms are associated with a cold front. It would be nice, right? Unfortunately, that isn't the case. As the upper-level dynamics outrun the cold front, this front is expected to stall along the Gulf Coast. This will transition the front into a stationary boundary, leaving us with slight rain chances each day this week.

This is a similar set up to what we saw last month when we saw flash flooding and severe weather for several days straight. However, this stationary boundary is interacting with a much drier air mass than it was last month. Therefore, our rain chances will be much less than what we saw last month.

As we go into the latter half of the work week, those rain chances will increase a bit more as an area of low pressure begins to develop over Texas and Northern Mexico. This will bring additional warm, moist air out of the Gulf of Mexico into our region. Still, those rain chances will likely be quite a bit less than what we saw last month. Flooding doesn't look to be an issue this week, but we'll continue to watch it closely as time progresses.

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