Dozens enjoy downtown Pascagoula for the 6th Annual Live Oak Arts Festival

Dozens enjoy downtown Pascagoula for the 6th Annual Live Oak Arts Festival

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Saturday's beautiful weather called for hundreds across the coast to go out and enjoy the day. Over in Pascagoula, families and friends got to spend a few hours at the 6th Annual Live Oak Arts Festival.

"It's great for Pascagoula. It brings people to downtown Pascagoula and they get to see all the great things Pascagoula has to offer," Live Oak Arts Festival member Belinda Dammen said.

Live Oak Arts Festival members say they haven't had much luck with having such beautiful weather like this for the past few years, so they're happy the sun brought the people out.

"There's about 100 vendors here and we have everything from pottery, to bows, to t-shirt vendors, we have a lot of wood workers this year," Dammen said.

Clint Wade was one of the wood workers at the festival and it was his first time putting his work on display.

"This is my first time," Wade said. "I've just lived here two years and I started making this art with driftwood. I really enjoy it and people seem to react well to it. I love it when people love what I make. It's just fun to do."

Lyle Wynn came from Brandon, Mississippi to show off his 18 years of blacksmith talent. Like Wade, Wynn also enjoys the way people stop and take a look at what he's created.

"I love to have the children come up and I'll grab a piece of steel and shape an animal head on the end of it and once they see what you can do, I explain to them it's just like clay. But I have to get it hot in order to shape the metal," Wynn said.

Not only is Wynn's love of crafting big, he says making others part of the festival experience makes it even better.

"I enjoy getting out here and meeting new people and seeing old friends and people I haven't seen in a long time and anybody that's familiar with blacksmithing usually knows people and when they come up, we all have mutual friends. So it's like we're all friends," Wynn said.

Along with all of the artwork and food the festival had to offer, was a classic car show. There was no charge for drivers to bring their cars to participate.

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