Greene Co. deputies search pond for evidence in murder case

Greene Co. deputies search pond for evidence in murder case

GREENE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Greene County Sheriff's deputies spent Friday digging in the mud and hoping to uncover the evidence they need for a murder conviction. Officials began the painstaking process of searching a pond where the body of Donovan Cowart was found earlier this week.

Officials said when Cowart disappeared in early 2013, he was living in George County. Days after his body was found in a pond on Double Branch Road, Greene County deputies were back again.

"This is the spot where we found the remains of the body," said Sheriff Stanley McLeod. "This is the pond that it was found in, and we're out here today to try to gather up more evidence."

Deputies are looking for additional evidence against Robert Stevens and Welford McCarty, who is known to many as Levi. Both Greene County men have been charged in Cowart's murder.

Officials blew up a beaver dam to lower the water level and make the search easier.

"About 9 o'clock this morning, a team came and blew the back off the dam so the water could drain out," said McLeod. "Now that since it's dropped down low, we're trying to walk around in all these particular areas to find more evidence."

Even with the shallow water, officials found searching the pond for two year old evidence was no easy task. Thick mud and a lot of metal objects tossed into the water made the process very slow.

"This is really thick mud out here and the lily pads. It makes it hard to walk and hard to move. It's a real strenuous job to be doing," McLeod said. "There's metal and there's pipe and there's bottles. There's old bed springs. There's ice boxes. Everything in this thing."

By late Friday afternoon, deputies hadn't found what they were looking for, but they had not given up.

"All the cases need a lot of evidence and all the evidence we can get, the better we'll be," McLeod said. "So, that's what we're here trying to get is more evidence to make our case better."

Later in the day, deputies brought in equipment to pump more water out of the pond to hopefully make searching the area easier.

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