City of Biloxi features rich history during Preservation in May

City of Biloxi features rich history during Preservation in May

Throughout the month of May, the City of Biloxi is celebrating its rich and diverse history.

The 8th annual Preservation in May program features a series of special events highlighting various aspects of Biloxi's culture and history.

Biloxi history will be the focus of special events each Thursday during the month of May.

Coming up this week: a cultural tasting tour in East Biloxi.

"We're going to visit the Slavonian lodge and the Fleur de Lisle Society, which is the French Club. And we're doing a cooking demonstration and allowing people to test the food. And talk about their culture and their history and how it relates to the City of Biloxi," said Bill Raymond, the historical administrator for the city.

The following Thursday, May 21st, a familiar downtown building will be the focus of a history lesson.

Visitors will be invited inside the Masonic Lodge.

"We're going to do a tour of that building right there on the corner of Howard and Main Street. Most people probably haven't been inside, except maybe on the retail spots and restaurants on the first floor. They haven't been upstairs to see the lodge rooms. That's a great chance to see a building that's over 100 years old that most people in Biloxi have never been in," said Raymond.

Then comes a Sunday afternoon bonus: Touring the picturesque homes along North Seal Avenue.

"The Sunday before Memorial Day we'll be doing a tour of North Seal Avenue. Which has got a great collection of Biloxi, very typical Biloxi structures from the turn of the century, late 19th century, and early 20th century. So it's going to be a chance to learn more about those Biloxi building types," Raymond explained.

Finally on Thursday, May 28th, it's a Post-Katrina double feature video at the Ohr-O'Keefe museum, including a preservation piece called Building Blocks.

"And it's about rebuilding historic structures after Hurricane Katrina. It was done by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History with some funding from Preserve America through the National Park Service," said Raymond.

And that's Preservation in May; a lesson for newcomers and even those who realize the rich and diverse history of this city.

"A lot of people do, but they don't know it in the depth that we get into it. And they learn a lot more. They may have known little bits and pieces of it. But we really try and cover the whole gamut," said Raymond.

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