Attorneys for SRHS retirees prepare to file lawsuit

Attorneys for SRHS retirees prepare to file lawsuit

Attorneys for some of Singing River Health System's retirees say they're ready to name names. WLOX News has confirmed they're drafting a lawsuit that will allege breach of fiduciary relationship and breach of contract.  And they expect to file that suit in circuit court by Monday.

Earl Denham is that attorney.  He tells WLOX News he's drafting the suit to get pension money back for the retirees and to bring the wrong-doers to light.

Denham says, "It's time for those names to come out."  Denham represents a handful of the retirees who've been battling with Singing River Health System since reports surfaced about their pension funds not being fully funded.

Denham posted this comment on the SRHS Hopes Facebook page today.  "To all our Singing River retiree clients and their families, and to their tireless organizer, Singing River Hopes, and to Cindy Almond who blazed the trail, we dedicate this glorious day.  I hope to file today - Monday at the latest."

SRHS attorney Kelly Sessoms released this statement:

Singing River Health System has not seen the lawsuit announced today and therefore cannot speak to any specifics. But, for this law firm that has already filed 6 cases against Singing River Health System, an additional lawsuit does nothing but further damage our community healthcare system. Singing River Health System would rather devote its limited financial resources towards a resolution of the pension fund issues rather than paying to defend itself in costly and unnecessary litigation.

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