Beach goers find alternatives to getting in the water

Beach goers find alternatives to getting in the water

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - High bacteria levels and a sewage spill are responsible for closing off large chunks of the beach in South Mississippi. Water contact advisories have been issued for numerous testing spots.

That means the Department of Environmental Quality is urging people to avoid touching the water and a busted pipe caused a 25,000 gallon sewage spill that forced the complete closure of the beach near Rodenberg Avenue.

Crews have sealed the leak, but the beach in that area is expected to be closed until Monday at the earliest.

While the contamination kept most swimmers from enjoying the Sound, others found new ways to have fun at the beach and avoid entering the waters.

Under the hot sun a warning many didn't want to believe. A sign shows a water advisory and beach goers weren't going to take any chances of swimming in high levels of bacteria.

"I was scrolling through social media. Going through Facebook and I see the warning advisory to not get in the water at the beach, but even though it said that there was an advisory I still came to the beach anyway. I wanted to get some sun, but I didn't get in the water," said Taunya Broadhead.

"That's why I don't let my kids get in the water because it has some kind of bacteria in the water," said Junior Fairley.

Though they found joy in sightseeing, some out-of-towners who wanted to do more than dip their feet in the sand believe they're missing out.

"It's really disappointing. I think the beaches are probably one of the biggest attractions to tourists down here. And it's a shame not to be able to use them," said Brian Fry.

Staying close to the water's edge, beach-goers soaked in some Vitamin D, walked Lighthouse Pier, or took beach selfies. Louisiana residents Eva Bradley and Joshua Brown didn't let water issues stop them from an enjoyable trip to Biloxi.

"It kinda takes a little bit of fun, not too much. I mean Biloxi has a lot of things to offer. But it would have been nice to go swimming on a nice day like this," said Joshua Brown.

"Sightseeing, just taking in the beach scenery, since we can't enjoy the water for right now," said Eva Bradley.

Until this sign is changed, the couple says they'll be sure to avoid the water and continue enjoying everything else about the coast.

"Well we're going to go check out the night scene, some clubs. Probably hit some casinos up and just enjoy ourselves anyway we can and just check out the local scene," said Brown.

Click here to view the areas where the beach is closed or where water advisories are in effect:

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