Restaurateur to open 3rd restaurant on Biloxi Beach, 6th on Coast

Restaurateur to open 3rd restaurant on Biloxi Beach, 6th on Coast

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A beautiful work of art is coming to the Biloxi beachfront. On Thursday, the Biloxi Planning Commission agreed to allow a mural on The Reef restaurant on Highway 90. Owner Rob Stinson said artist Marty Wilson will hand paint a 25x75 foot mural on the front of the restaurant making it the largest original work of art in the state.

Stinson said the design will have aspects of Wilson's most famous paintings and feature grouper, tuna, and dolphins.

People who love to eat at The Reef in Biloxi told WLOX they can't wait to sample the cuisine of two more restaurants Rob Stinson is opening on the Biloxi beach.

Bill Donahue lives in Pensacola, but is originally from the Mississippi Coast. He said he loves to come back for the seafood. Donahue said he supports Stinson latest project.

"He's doing such a great job now that he should keep doing what he's doing. It's a great restaurant," said Donahue.

Ted Longo of Diamondhead agreed. "Let them keep doing it. They're doing fine in Gulfport. They have several restaurants over there, so if they keep doing it right, why not?"

Right now, crews are doing renovations at the old Crabhouse restaurant for the Labor Day weekend launch of Stinson's Tex-Mex restaurant, Baja Beach. But Stinson said he'll have another restaurant open before then. Next door, crews are constructing what will be Biloxi's newest sports bar.

Although the sports bar, the Reef, and Baja Beach will all be in close proximity, Stinson said in this case, three won't be a crowd.

"Honestly I think the key is going to be each one is going to be unbelievably different from the others," said Stinson. "So the Reef really focusing in on seafood. Baja Beach will be a Tex-Mex concept. The sports bar will have some great kind of pub grub, food, fun, and a little bit younger crowd."

Stinson also runs the Lookout Steakhouse, Kelly's, and Salute in Gulfport. He said he owes his success to having the support of others.

"I think we're so blessed because we have an incredible team. It's always about the team and it's always about the team," said Stinson. "If it isn't what you love doing, don't get involved. People want to jump on the bandwagon who are not familiar with the business. It's a tough business. I love it. Our team loves it. So we're thrilled."

Rob Stinson is not yet revealing the name of the new sports bar, but he is very excited about the beachfront location.

"I think it's one of the most exciting areas on the Coast, probably one of the most exciting areas in the state of Mississippi, to be honest with you. So we are thrilled that we are able to get three locations here and keeping them different is key, I think, to success."

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