WLOX Editorial: New Navy Destroyer carries a good name

WLOX Editorial: New Navy Destroyer carries a good name

Recently, the latest Navy Destroyer was christened at Ingalls in Pascagoula. We marvel at the feat carried out by the ingenuity, in design, technology, and survive ability of this addition to the U.S. Navy arsenal. All shipbuilders at Ingalls should be proud of their accomplishment.

The guided missile destroyer carries the name John Finn. Lt. Finn fought back in the 1941 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. He found a machine gun out in the open and fired on the attacking planes. He was wounded. He kept firing. He was wounded again and again. He kept fighting back until the war planes left.

When it was over, Finn was still there with 22 wounds. He received the Medal of Honor and lived for 100 years. It is only proper that the namesake of the DDG 113 is John Finn, a strong, fighting survivor.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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