MGM Park nearing completion

MGM Park nearing completion

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With every passing day, MGM Park nears completion, and Biloxi's minor league baseball team comes one step closer to playing a true home game. At Tuesday night's Biloxi City Council meeting, a contractor with Yates Construction gave a little bit of an update on where they are with the stadium completion.

Baseball fans have been anxiously waiting on the Shuckers to finally play ball in Biloxi.

"Oh man, I'm about to wet my pants thinking about it. I'm so excited. Looking forward to opening day," said Sellers.

This father son duo has hit up the Shuckers team shop multiple times to stock up on gear. They're hoping within a month they can actually wear it to a game.

"I'm so excited. I can't stand it. I can't wait to have baseball in Biloxi. Like my dad has had season tickets to the Bay Bears for 10 or 12 years, maybe longer, 15 years. We've been going over there. I can't wait to drive right down the road and see a baseball game," said Robbie Mason.

Since stadium construction started, the two say they have made multiple trips to the top of the Beau Rivage parking garage to see the stadium progress for themselves.

"I know with all the beautiful weather we've had lately, hopefully they have been taking advantage of that, maybe doubling up on that or something. Like he said, he drove up to the top of the Beau, and it's looking good. They are making progress," said Sellers.

This week, acting Mayor Robert Deming and Councilman Kenny Glavan toured the stadium to get a progress report. Glavan says there are a still a few very important things left to do before the first game.

"The netting, which is critical to protect the interstate, the foundation of those poles are going in, so that's a big plus, and of course the grass. I think they're going to plant it by Thursday, sod it by Thursday, and it will go very rapidly about two and half weeks we should see some grass," said Glavan.

We've been told Yates Construction has been working weekends to get the project completed by that June 6 date.

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