SRHS retirees request 100 percent restoration of retirement benefits

SRHS retirees request 100 percent restoration of retirement benefits

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Singing River Health System retirees packed the Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday, looking for an update on the pension plan controversy.

The health system stopped contributing to the retirees' pension plan after 2009 and never reportedly communicated the move to them. Now, officials say the plan is underfunded by millions.

The board is currently investigating the health system's finances.

Retirees expressed their frustration and fear that the health system may not be able to save the plan. They asked the board to help push for a 100 percent restoration of the retirement benefits so they could continue to get their monthly checks.

"You continue to assure us that you are doing everything you can to restore to us as much of the pension as it is humanly possible," said retiree Cisco Aguilar to the board. "But I think there are compelling reasons to consider unsatisfactory any solution that cuts down the value promised by SRHS when we retired."

Board President Barry Cumbest told the crowd of retirees the board understands their concerns, and it is working hard to save the pension plan. Cumbest says the board will have an update on the hospital investigation and pension at next Monday's meeting.

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