New home construction trending up on the Coast

New home construction trending up on the Coast

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The sound of saws making short work of two by fours and nail guns rat-tat-tatting away is music to the ears of homebuilders like Marques Thomas. A turnaround has finally arrived in the new home construction market.

"We're building spec homes, speculating the market. Our bankers feel comfortable about it. They're loaning us money, so we feel like that's a positive sign in the market," Thomas said.

What has brought the industry back from the dark days of the 2008 recession? Thomas has a theory.

"The buyers have been just sitting on the sidelines and waiting to make sure the economy is going to stay strong and to purchase homes. Interest rates are still low, and I think that's why they are starting to enter into the market. People are feeling more comfortable about what's going on with the economy," Thomas explained.

Everyone knows that it takes people to build homes, people with certain skills. Companies that hire those people during this apparent home building uptick say they plan on possible expansion.

One of those employers is Tim Anderson. He owns a plumbing company.

"I've hired two guys, and they've been with me this whole time. I'm looking to add some more, maybe another guy or two and another truck, so there's always that possibility," Anderson said.

Electricians who work on new homes, and even renovate older ones, are glad to see the upward trend and hope it continues. One of them is Sean Stiglets.

"With the uptick in the market altogether, you're going to see more jobs available out there. Absolutely, it's an improvement all the way around," Stiglets said.

It's an improvement that has been five years in the making.

Thomas also says he sees more people in their 30s building custom made homes that meet the needs of growing families.

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