No 'Quez'-tion about it: Golson will have plenty of motivation in Pittsburgh

No 'Quez'-tion about it: Golson will have plenty of motivation in Pittsburgh

MOBILE, AL (WLOX) - There was no need to ask Anthony or Tarsha Golson about their feelings after hearing their son Senquez's name called by the Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night.

Anthony, known by everybody as "Bulldog", featured a boisterous clap and separate yell of approval that lasted the longest. Tarsha was holding Senquez's one-year-old son, S.J., and only let a few tears fall from her eyes.

The loudness of the crowd's cheer at Moe's Original BBQ in Mobile, Alabama was deafening, but not nearly as powerful as the one produced by Golson's game-clinching interception in a 23-17 win against No. 1 Alabama in October.

The success for Golson and Ole Miss continued for a few more games after that, racking up a 35-20 win in College Station against No. 14 Texas A&M and a 34-3 victory over Tennessee.

After seven games, the Rebels had seven wins and Golson had seven interceptions.

His interception total took a hit in the following weeks, recording just two picks in the next five games in which Ole Miss won just twice. However, one of those victories came against No. 4 Mississippi State, 31-17, to knock the Bulldogs out of a chance to earn a playoff spot.

Ole Miss suited up in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl against No. 6 TCU. Golson tallied his 10th interception, but the Horned Frogs overmatched the Rebels 42-3 on New Year's Eve.

Golson's 10 interceptions were second in the NCAA only to Louisville's Gerod Holliman, who coincidentally was also selected by the Steelers in the seventh round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

But even with those admirable numbers, Golson had a nervous feeling at his draft party that he was a candidate to suffer through a draft slide.

"Going through the whole process, everybody just kept knocking me because I'm a 5-9 guy," Golson said. "I just feel like it was going to take a lot for me to take a chance."

Despite being 5-feet, 9-inches tall, Golson, whose 40-yard dash time was clocked at 4.46 seconds, was selected by Pittsburgh with the 24th pick of the second round (56th overall) because of his ball-hawking ability and prototypical quickness.

Many scouts predicted he would be drafted in the third round or even as late as the fourth. His initial NFL projections include not being able to cover the taller receivers on the outside part of the field and would be forced into a nickel cornerback role defending slot receivers.

Instead of being upset about what was and is being said, Golson is ready for the steel curtain to reveal just how valuable he can be.

"My number one goal is to learn as much as I can as fast as I can," Golson said. "That's pretty much all I want to do."

As far as draft night goes, if it wasn't for the NFL Draft Friday night, S.J., also known as Senquez Jaxon, would've stolen the show.

Senquez, who is a First Team All-American, First Team All-SEC and Nagurski Trophy finalist, says he doesn't have a big purchase like a house or fancy car in mind when he signs that first NFL contract. Instead, he wants to make sure S.J. has the best education possible.

While that school is to be determined, Senquez knows the goal he would like to reach down the road.

"[Pittsburgh] is getting a guy who's going all in," Senquez Golson said. "I have one goal. That is to retire as a Steeler."

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