D'Iberville Warriors rally for traffic light at dangerous intersection

D'Iberville Warriors rally for traffic light at dangerous intersection
Warriors picketing for a safer intersection. (Photo source:WLOX)
Warriors picketing for a safer intersection. (Photo source:WLOX)

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - A group of parents and students from D'Iberville High School rallied this morning for change.

They're wanting their voices to be loud and clear, about raising awareness and stressing the importance of having a traffic light installed at an intersection that's caused two major accidents within the past month. One of which, that left two young teens dead.

Cars lined both sides of Big John Road as the cheers of concerned parents, students and teachers of D'Iberville High rang from the street.

"This is actually a really good thing to get us all together. The more we protest, the better chance we have at getting a light and if we get a light, that's all we want," 9th grader Ash Bowen said.

The warriors say they're picketing for their safety. Herschell Pargo doesn't have children but he came out to show his support as a concerned citizen.

"I'm definitely going to support them 100% because I know it is the right thing to do. I have reported about this traffic situation out here on 67. It's just getting too bad," Pargo said firmly.

Within the past month, two tragic accidents have occurred at the intersection of Highway 67 and Big John Road. As read, "light it up or shut it down," these warriors won't be quiet until they get a traffic light to make the intersection safer.

"They think they can stick a simple solution here and there's nothing simple about this. Just Thursday they had another accident right here and did those cones help? Absolutely not. They came from this way and they wrecked right there," 10th grade Vice President Jayde Toncrey said.

"For them to tell us that they care about our kids we have a lot of supporters out there and of course people are going to leave negative comments as well, and to those people I would like to say one thing - what if this was your kid," Dina Cumbo said.

They say this won't be the last rally and they'll continue to rally in the honor of their fellow warriors until this street is made safer.

"All of us have, in a way, have rallied around them to bring that red light out here where they deserved it," Toncrey said.

The warrior moms have reached out to Commissioner King and says they're still waiting on a response from him regarding the stop light.

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