Guilty Verdict In Capital Murder Case

The family of a Moss Point man who was robbed and brutally murdered in 2002 has found a little more closure. Thursday night around ten o' clock, jurors found 20 year old Mary Scarbough guilty of capital murder in the death of 52 year old Dorian Brent Johnson.

Scarbough was the third of four people charged in the murder to be convicted.

A unanimous guilty verdict created a bittersweet moment for the family of Dorian Johnson. His sister, daughters and wife comforted each other as they wiped away tears on the way to a private room to gather their thoughts.

Johnson's sister, Cheryl Goosbey, said, "I'm happy that justice was served and I felt all along that she was guilty."

Distirct Attorney Tony Lawrence said, "She was involved in this every step of the way. Everything that happened she was there and she was calling the shots. It's always been the state's position that she's the mastermind and they held the mastermind behind this murder accountable."

Goosbey said she has trouble understanding why any one would have ever wanted to hurt her brother.

"He was an extremely good man. He was a loving person and we all love him very much,"  she said.

Johnson's family said this latest conviction gives brings them closer to reaching full closure.

"That's what's really good for me is to have the closure for it and to be able to move on from this and still just have one more to go... but three down and one to go that's a good feeling," said Gooseby.

A good feeling that will help her rest a little easier knowing her almost all of those responsible for her brother's death have been brought to justice.

Mary Scarbough was sentenced to life in prison. That's the same verdict 18 year old Anthony Booker and 18 year old Shaun Davis received. 20 year old Desmond Shields is still awaiting trial.