Update: Stone Co. Investigators identify victim in fatal wreck

Update: Stone Co. Investigators identify victim in fatal wreck

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - An investigator with the Stone County Sheriff's Department says 34-year-old Deeonica Goss of Stone County died in a three-vehicle accident Thursday evening.

Authorities were called to the scene on Highway 26 near Chattman Road around 5:30 pm.

Officials say it appears a vehicle was stopped on the highway waiting to make a left turn, when a pick-up truck came up behind it. Investigators believe, at the last second, the driver of the truck swerved to avoid the stopped car, and collided head-on with oncoming traffic. The stopped vehicle also sustained damage.

Goss, the driver of the car in the oncoming lane, died from her injuries. She was wearing a seatbelt.

The driver of the truck, Blake Hunter, had to be airlifted to Forrest General Hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the stopped vehicle also went to a nearby hospital to get checked out, but deputies say he did not appear to have serious injuries.

Sheriff's Deputies say, as of now, no charges have been filed, but the case remains under investigation.

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