1991 NFL Draft Day: Brett Favre made a bold prediction

1991 NFL Draft Day: Brett Favre made a bold prediction

It was a Sunday afternoon and the Favre family invited friends and family to attend the 1991 NFL Draft at their home. Brett Favre spent most of the day close to the telephone in his bedroom.

The Favre compound was packed full of people, inside the home and outside. When Seattle used the 16th pick in the first round to draft Dan McGuire of San Diego State and the L.A. Raiders picked Southern Cal quarterback with the 24th pick, Brett was a little upset.

In the second round with the the 33rd overall pick, Atlanta drafted Favre.

Later I had a chance to interview Brett in his backyard surrounded by his friends.

I asked him how he felt after McGuire and Marinovich were drafted ahead of him. Favre responded with a bold prediction.

"Well, we'll see in the coming years who is the best quarterback. I think, I'll prove, you know. I'll prove to everyone that I am the best," stated Favre.

He was true to his word.  

I don't know whatever happened to McGuire and Marinovich, but I do know they didn't make an impact that Favre made after the Falcons traded him to Green Bay.

Favre became one of the all-time great quarterbacks in NFL history.  He was an aggressive player who gave his all and never knew what the word quit meant.  

That 1991 NFL Draft proved that no one can predict who will be a future Hall of Fame selection and who will be an also ran.

I take that back... Brett Favre knew!

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