NFL Draft: With two first round picks who will the New Orleans Saints select?

NFL Draft: With two first round picks who will the New Orleans Saints select?

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The 2015 NFL Draft has a new location this season, Chicago.  According to those in the know, Florida State's Jameis Winston and Oregon's Marcus Mariota could go No. 1 and No. 2 when the NFL starts the process Thursday night.  They are the top rated quarterbacks in the draft.

If you had to project a position or positions the New Orleans Saints are interested in rebuilding or adding immediate help... you would have to single out the offensive line and a pass rusher on defense.

Veteran quarterback Drew Brees has said he has a few more years left before he hangs up his cleats, but if he continues to take hit after hit while dropping back to throw the football, his playing days will become limited.

In 2014 Brees didn't have the time to sit back in the pocket and find his open receivers.  He was rushed and he ended up rushing his passes resulting in a number of interceptions.  If you remember during the 2009 Super Bowl season, Brees enjoyed super pass protection and had time to find not one, not two, he had time to see all of his receivers and made completion after completion. He ran a precision offensive machine.

That has not been the case the past two years and while Brees won't put the blame on his offensive line, we will.

If the Saints don't go after an offensive lineman, look for a defensive lineman to get the nod. One name that has popped up is Danny Shelton a nose tackle from Washington.  He could give the Saints something they haven't had in years, someone who could put heat on the quarterback.

With two first round picks, some NFL experts predict the Saints could trade up and take Southern Cal defensive lineman Leonard Williams.

One NFL writer, Bob McGinn, thinks the Saints could use their second pick in round number one, 31st overall, and draft Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty.  New Orleans had Petty work out and according to reports, Payton liked what he saw.

Other possibilities for the Saints in the first round include LSU offensive lineman La'el Collins and Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker. However, police want to ask Collins questions about his former girlfriend who was shot and killed earlier this week.  His draft status is now in question and Collins says he talk with police after the NFL Draft.

Former Pascagoula standout Senquez Golson of Ole Miss has received good grades and has moved up in the latest draft projections.  The cornerback enjoyed a stellar senior season and the Saints could pull his number in the second or third round.

Besides the 13th and 31st picks in the first round, New Orleans has the No. 44 pick in the second round, two third round picks, number 75 and 78.  The Saints have the 148th and 154th picks overall coming in the 5th round.  In the sixth round the Saints have the 187th draft selection and round out their picks in the 7th round at number 230.

Anything is possible and there will be some wheeling and dealing beginning with round number one.

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