A new cancer support group forms in South Mississippi

A new cancer support group forms in South Mississippi

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A new cancer support group in South Mississippi provides a setting for those with cancer to provide fellowship and tips to others battling the disease. Following the founder's own bought with ovarian cancer, she says she couldn't find a cancer support group. So that's why Barbara Allen says she decided to start one.

In 2013 Barbara Allen was diagnosed with ovarian stage 3B cancer that had metastasized to another part of her body.

"I was convinced it was not cancer. And they said it could be and I said, no not me. I'm always so healthy," said Allen.

Now she's in remission and able to discuss her experience with others.

"After going through cancer or going through the whole thing or pretty close to it, I realized that it's actually the best thing that's ever happened to me," said Allen.

She says she learned a lot about herself and how to live healthier. Now she's spreading what she learned to help others.

"They pronounced me in remission. I said, well what do I do next? I was told, 'Go have a great life. Enjoy yourself.' But I wasn't told to up my water intake, to eat healthier foods, to eat organic foods, to get the chemicals out of my life. I was not given the tools that I needed to survive," she said.

"The emotions we have from anger, fear, hate. Deadly emotions produce chronic stress and chronic stress weakens the immune system," said cancer researcher E.A. Helwick.

Helwick also talked to the group.

"The whole reason of setting up a cancer support group is to take a little bit of a holistic approach to it and begin to look at why we're having the cancer and more importantly what can we change about their diet, their lifestyle. The water their drinking, getting off the processed foods. The things that are stimulating the cancer and also turning their immune system off," he said.

After sharing their experiences with cancer, the group also discussed medicines and procedures that worked or didn't work for them.

During the first meeting the group met at The Healing Room in Gulfport but, the next group meeting will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Gulfport on Wednesdays beginning at 1:30 p.m. For more information call 669-9102 or 669-9159.

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