Toddlers, tablets and smart phones: Parents need appropriate content

Toddlers, tablets and smart phones: Parents need appropriate content

Helping our children grow up happy, healthy, and ready to learn can be a bit tricky in this tech-savvy world we live in. How many of you have handed over your tablet or smart phone to your toddler before? Parents are always amazed at how quickly their little ones can learn to maneuver their way through pictures and apps.

More and more parents are starting to rely on smart devices to help keep their children entertained at the grocery store, in a restaurant, in the car - you name it. Pediatricians and early education advocates would urge you to instead find creative ways to interact with your child, something to make all of those moments learning moments. For instance, at the grocery store, ask your little one to help name the foods, or describe colors and shapes.

The American Academy of Pediatrics actually discourages any screen time, including TVs, computers, smart phones and tablets by children under age two, and limited use for older children. But inevitably, we are seeing more and more preschoolers with smart phones in their hands.

So a word of advice from the experts, if you're finding the distraction a necessity: download age-appropriate, educational apps. There are a multitude of free children's apps. But if you're willing to pay,

also has some great suggestions for preschool apps.

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