Coast Catholic Community Prays For Pope

As Pope John Paul the Second continues to improve in a Rome hospital, students at St. John High School spend a few moments praying for a quick recovery.

"Bring him back to health and bring him back to us," they prayed.

During this Catholic Schools week, the aging pontiff's well being is on the minds of many.

Spiritual Life Director Darlene Previto says, "We already had a prayer service planned but we just decided that we would mention him in that as well. Our students our concerned, however with the last report we got, he rested well last night and he's doing well. It's not a cause for great alarm, but at his age we are concerned."

In October 2003, Bishop Thomas Rodi traveled to Rome for two celebrations that year. It was the year the Holy Father marked his 25th anniversary as Pope and Bishop Rodi shared a reunion with his seminary classmates. He saw the Catholic leader again last December.

"Physically he was very frail but he has such a sharp mind and it was very obvious when I was meeting with him how brilliant this man is and just how great he is. He's a wonderful, wonderful man," says Bishop Rodi.

At a noon mass at the Catholic Diocese chapel Bishop Rodi asked for special thoughts for the man Rodi says is truly a shining light.

"For 26 years he has been that light to the church, to all Christians and to the entire family of mankind as he spoken fearlessly of the dignity of the individual."

Now Catholics and Christians around the world pray that a healing light will shine on the Pope.