Viral video of mom slapping son during riots sparks discussion on parenting

Viral video of mom slapping son during riots sparks discussion on parenting

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If you've been on social media, there is no doubt you're seen the video of a mom hitting, shoving and shouting at her son who was taking part in the riots in Baltimore. The video has America talking. So, what do you think about her method of discipline? Those images, caught on camera, have sparked some strong opinions about the woman's parenting style.

An angry confrontation between a mother and son caught plenty of attention during the riots in Baltimore Monday afternoon.

The video showed a woman yelling at her son, smacking him, and pushing the boy away from the protests, as other teens threw bricks, rocks and other objects at police officers. The riots broke out hours after the funeral for Freddie Gray, who died after suffering injuries while in police custody.

"I think mom's doing the right thing and we need to back her up," said Mike Hester of Biloxi. "Mommas are supposed to raise their children right and I think she made an attempt to raise him right."

Most people agreed with Hester.

"Yes, because her kid can get killed out there," said Kevin Lyons of Biloxi.

When asked if the woman was too rough on her son, Kim Gillett replied, "No, absolutely not. I think more parents need to do that. I'm not going to tell you how old I am, but I grew up where I had to go get a switch. So I think that more parents need to do that."

"More parents need to take control of their children who wouldn't be out doing this kind of thing. I mean, I would do the same thing to my son," she added.

However, several people told WLOX this form of discipline was a bit too harsh.

"I don't think she ought to do that to her son. I'm glad she has a little concern he's out there, but I don't think she ought to beat him up like that," said Chris Schmitt of Biloxi.

"I definitely think it's a bit too rough. I'm picturing my daughter. I have a little girl. Let's just say even if it was a girl in that situation, I definitely would not handle it that way," said Heather Hill of Biloxi.

"I think she should have pulled him to the side. I don't think handling your child in that way is necessary in any situation," she added.

While there was disagreement over the mom showing some tough love, Hester said she deserves some recognition.

"She ought to get an award, an award for being a good mother, for doing the right thing, for promoting family values," said Hester.

There was a consensus among the people we met. They wanted to see an end to all the looting, fires and violence.

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