LGBTQ community rallies for marriage equality hearings

LGBTQ community rallies for marriage equality hearings
LGBTQ supporters preparing for vigil (Image Source: WLOX News)
LGBTQ supporters preparing for vigil (Image Source: WLOX News)

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - It was a big day for marriage equality advocates across the country as the Supreme Court gets ready to hear oral arguments on four marriage equality cases. South Mississippi LGBTQ organizations often hold gatherings to discuss issues facing their community, but this time, they gathered to show support for what many are calling a step forward.

"We're hopeful that they will eventually decide that marriage equality should be legal all across America," said Adair Beany.

LGBTQ community members and supporters met in Greenville, Hattiesburg, Oxford, Jackson and Biloxi for the first time in history to show their solidarity for a fight they have been waiting to win.

"It's a big step, and it's a mark in history. I mean, this is a turning page for civil rights across the country," said Molly Kester.

Kester, who is a leader in the local transgender community, says marriage equality supporters reach past the LGBTQ community. They are thankful for their straight partners as well.

"Allies are just as important as the rest of the community, because without the allies, we would never be able to push this through and get it in the courts and get it, you know, the judges and the lawyers on our side," said Kester.

A ruling from the Supreme Court is expected to take nearly three months. In the meantime, Kester says they will be following the arguments closely.

"We'll be monitoring as it goes, the different court hearings, and listening and seeing how it is. At that point, there's really nothing we can do except get ready for the next fight, which is the religious freedom and the bathroom bills and all the other things they're coming at the LGBTQ community with, so we're prepping up for the next fight," said Kester.

Some local LGBTQ community members traveled to Washington, D.C. to rally near the Capital.

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