Nine Children and their parents rescued from island detail harrowing experience

Nine Children and their parents rescued from island detail harrowing experience

The nine children and four adults saved by Jackson County's Marine Patrol after their boat capsized during yesterday's storm say they are lucky to be alive.

They spoke with Patrice Clark today about their harrowing experience and why they're thankful to the men who rescued them.

"I thought somebody was going to die," said young boater Michael McCrory.

"It was scary because everybody was screaming," said teen Carmyn Miller.

Michael McCrory and Carmyn Miller were very honest when describing the fear they felt during Saturday's boating trip disaster. The two, along with these seven other kids and their parents, were supposed to be heading to Petit Bois Island for an annual camping trip. They said about 15 minutes after they arrived, a massive storm hit.

"We were just standing there and the wind started kicking up and just out of nowhere everything just shot off and blew down the beach, kids were being blown around. It was scary," said parent Amanda Ewing.

Many of these kids admit they began to cry because they were so scared and in shock.

"The rain was hitting me so hard," a young boater said.

"Our boat got beached, so we were taking cover behind the hill on the island," said Ewing.

Realizing the group was in trouble a distressed Ewing called 911.

"They sent the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard couldn't get to us, so the sheriff's department came out."

Jackson County Marine Patrol deputies Robert Lambeth and Scott Ferguson were the two that fought through the bad storm to get to the group.

"It was a lot of rain, a lot of wind and a lot of waves, "said Deputy Lambeth.

The men said although it wasn't easy, they were determined to get nine kids and four adults out of harm's way and back home.

"It is part of our job, we are glad we were able to get them back safely. That is the biggest thing. Everyone was safe and we didn't lose any life yesterday," said Deputy Ferguson

"I said thank the Lord, thank Lord," McCrory said.

These children and parents say they look at the deputies more as heroes and their effort to save their lives will never be forgotten.

"Thank you very, very much for helping us and getting us home safely," said teen Kiersten West.

"I pray god blesses them and thank you for their service," said Ewing.

Four males who also part of the group were rescued by a Coast Guard crew. The sheriff's department said fortunately no injuries were reported from the incident.

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