Choctaw Co. DA: Gulfport woman's death isn't solved

Choctaw Co. DA: Gulfport woman's death isn't solved

CHOCTAW COUNTY, AL (WLOX) - A woman found shot in the head in rural Alabama 41-years-ago has recently been identified as a Gulfport woman, Delores Diane Kelly Gonzales.

Shortly after DNA confirmed her identity, Gulfport investigators said the case has also been solved. According to police, 17-year-old Gonzales was murdered by her husband, Robert Gonzales, who was 18-year-old at the time.

However, Choctaw County, AL, District Attorney Spencer Walker said the case is not solved.

"There are some suspects that have been announced," Walker said. "Although I disagree with some of the conclusions that the police officers have at this point, I don't think there is enough evidence to say that we know who did this."

No one has been able to link Robert Gonzales to the rural Alabama county where Delores Gonzales' body was found. Walker wonders how Robert would have known about an area locals used as a dump site that is miles away from any main roads.

"I would say, at this point, he is the most likely suspect, but I cannot conclude as we stand here today that he is the killer or that he acted alone," Spencer said.

Three months after her disappearance, Gulfport investigators learned Robert filed for divorce and married another woman a month later. The following year, he had another wife.

"We were able to find those women. We interviewed them, and both disclosed they were victim of domestic violence in regards to him," Gulfport Detective Frank Mazzola said.

Investigators say he even admitted to the murder.

"Robert said he had killed her and placed her into the woods," Mazzola said. "Another one said he had buried her in the woods. There was mention of oak tree."

"One person, if I recall right, said he told them he buried her on Three Rivers in Gulfport, which is not accurate. These statements were all made to estranged wives or girlfriends during a heated argument," Walker said. "So, you have to wonder if they were made as intimidation."

Coming this far 42 years later, everyone admits is a fulfilling accomplishment, but Walker said it's not quite over.

"The case still remains open," Walker said. "We will continue to look into it until we either hit a dead end or figure out who did it."

If you have any information about Gonzales, you are asked to call the Gulfport Police Department.

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