DA: 42-year-old murder case not closed just yet

DA: 42-year-old murder case not closed just yet

CHOCTAW COUNTY, AL (WLOX) - Officials aren't yet ready to close a 42-year-old murder case that came back into the spotlight this week.

Thursday, authorities announced they had positively identified the remains of Delores Diane Kelly Gonzales, a Gulfport woman missing since 1973. Police initially said it was her husband who committed the murder, but they don't know that with 100 percent certainty, so the investigation will continue.

Gonzales' daughter was in tears Friday as she talked about her mom's murder. She was just two months when her mother went missing. Her body was found at a dump site in Choctaw County, AL, but her identity remained a mystery for more than four decades.

The Choctaw County sheriff said he remembers hearing about the case when he was just 5-years-old, and his dad was an officer.

WLOX's Michelle Lady spoke with him and other officials about the case making national headlines, and what the next steps are in the investigation. Watch for her story tonight on WLOX News at 6pm and WLOX.com.

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