New Group In Ocean Springs Wants To Make Government Less Confusing

"You just sat through an aldermen's meeting, and if you didn't find it confusing, then you are much brighter than I am," Citizens For Responsible Hometown Government spokesman Ross Dodds says.

That's what Dodds says he has a problem with. Dodds thinks a lack of focus, and a lack of responsibility at City Hall is to blame for the confusion.

"We do not have a long range plan. We kind of fight fires as they come up," Dodds adds.

That's what this new group wants to change, one step at a time.

"These are some of the questions that we asked two weeks ago," one group member says as she presents the questions to the Board of Aldermen Tuesday night.

The group will begin asking city leaders the details on all public issues. They hope the responses will both clarify issues for the public and make city leaders aware of their responsibilities.

"The difference between Ocean Springs and Washington D.C. is they can print the money, we can't," Dodds says to the Board.

Group members then want to put together "layman's public documents" for Ocean Springs citizens to read.

"I hope to make the citizens as informed as they should be by making this information understandable,"Dodds says.

He says it's not about putting anyone down.

"We have no bias. We don't take sides. We have no candidate."

He just wants to make government understandable so more citizens take part.