Horseshow Ready to Come Back

The nationally ranked show has been held at the county fairgrounds for the last three years. Hundreds of people from around the country bring their horses to compete for various cash prizes. Now that the show is so well established in the county, the organizer says it's time to go one step further."Our ideal plan is to offer the only million dollar horseshow circuit in existence in the United States, holding the largest grand prix of its kind. There will be, we know for a fact regardless of how much money we do, we have already made our commitment to FOX Sports so we will have two of our grand prixes internationally televised on FOX Sports for next year, that's done," says Janet McCarroll.

There are also plans to hold a festival type event bringing in spectators from around the country to see, not only the horse and riders compete...but also to see dog shows. The county supervisors attorney is reviewing a new lease agreement for the next two years with the Winter Classics event.