Biloxi's 10 mayoral candidates share one stage

Biloxi's 10 mayoral candidates share one stage

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The room at the Biloxi Civic Center was packed. Most of the 400 seats were filled with supporters and family members of the 10 men and women running in the Biloxi mayor's race. But, sprinkled through the ballroom were neighbors who wanted to become more educated on the mayoral candidates prior to next week's election.

The Biloxi Chamber, the Biloxi Bay Chamber, and Coast Young Professionals sponsored the Thursday night mayoral forum. It was the first time all 10 mayoral candidates were on one stage. Each mayor hopeful had five minutes to share their visions for the city moving forward.

After the speeches, the 10 campaigns moved into an adjoining room. Candidates and their supporters participated in a meet and greet program. The candidates met voters, and answered questions about what Biloxi might look like if they're picked to replace A.J. Holloway.

We asked the candidates for a word or a phrase that best describes how they see Biloxi's future.

Fofo Gillich used the word "future."

Windy Swetman said, "Aggressive."

Paul Tisdale's phrase was "data driven."

Felix Gines focused on tourism by saying, "Amtrak."

Kenny Glavan called himself "an innovator."

Dixie Newman said her vision was "pro-development."

Cono Caranna said Biloxi going forward should be "practical."

Victor Ainsworth concentrated on "growth."

David Bull stressed the city's "greatness."

Pat Morris said "progress."

Hundreds of South Mississippians who couldn't make it to the Biloxi Civic Center took advantage of our WLOX digital platforms and watched the speeches through our live streaming links. If you missed the program and want to hear what the mayoral hopefuls said, you can find the full forum video here:


The special election became necessary after A.J. Holloway resigned from office in the middle of his sixth term as Biloxi mayor. The winner of this election will complete the last two years of that term.

The Biloxi mayoral election is April 28. If necessary, a runoff between the top two finishers will be May 12.

You can get up-to-the-second election results Tuesday night on

. Shortly after the polls close, David Elliott will host a live digital broadcast from Biloxi City Hall. That's where the ballots will be counted.

WLOX News will have reaction from the winner, or winners, on WLOX News at 10:00.

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