Heavy rains double the amount of Gulfport potholes

Heavy rains double the amount of Gulfport potholes

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Heavy rains from earlier this month have drivers dodging potholes, now. Gulfport Public Works crews are working extra hours to prevent possible damage to vehicles.

One thing no driver wants to cross paths with is a pothole.

"Make your tires fall off. Makes things rattle. Stuff like that," said Herman Landry.

"Then, obviously, there's cars around you, and you don't want to run into somebody. So, you might have to run over it or hit it," said Angela Guizar.

Gulfport Public Works officials said because of lots of heavy rain in a short time, water gets in under the asphalt, causing it to loosen.

"I would probably say we've got double what we had previously," said Wayne Miller, Gulfport Public Works Director. "We have crews that are out right now. Three crews running around with overtime. We can typically hit about eight potholes per stop, and then we stop about 10 times per day."

Officials said while they know it's inconvenient to drivers when crews have to close lanes to fix potholes, the good news is the average sized pothole only takes about 10 minutes to patch.

"It's a one stop shop," said Miller. "The guys are able to pull up to the pothole. We cut it out and square out the edges. Dig down about three or four inches, remove all the loose material. Put down a tact material. Put in the new asphalt. Then, we run the vibrator to compact it down. Then, we get in the truck and go to the next pothole."

Public works crews said the fewer potholes, the happier drivers are.

"The worst thing a driver wants is to drive down the road and hit a pothole and bend a rim or bust a tire. We try to stay ahead of them," said Miller.

MDOT officials tells us they have also been working to fix potholes and plan to continue with the work on Wednesday.

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