Gulfport ice cream shop frozen after Blue Bell recall

Gulfport ice cream shop frozen after Blue Bell recall

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Business is frozen at a Gulfport ice cream shop until Thursday. The shop sold Blue Bell ice cream and Blue Bell Creameries voluntarily pulled all of its products Tuesday amid fears of a listeria outbreak.

WLOX News got the scoop on what the owners are doing to melt this problem away.

The popular, dairy goodness in a cone seems like the perfect sweet treat for a warm day in April, but thanks to Blue Bell Creameries recall the dessert won't be eaten.

"Right now, we'd probably have a line to the door. This is one of our busiest hours. The hour after school when mother's bring their kids for ice cream," said The Ice Cream Corner Co-owner Janelle Kunellis.

John and Janelle Kunellis found out their shop The Ice Cream Corner wouldn't receive their normal delivery of Blue Bell Tuesday morning when their delivery driver failed to show up.

"When the delivery did not arrive by 7:15, I called the driver to ask him if he was late, and I was told at that time that there had been a recall that took place last night and that there would not be a delivery," said The Ice Cream Corner Co-owner John Kunellis.

Without any customers, the Kunellis aren't making sales.

"We had just hired a new apprentice. And we told him he's laid off indefinitely because we don't need that third person with this going on, but we had to call our two young men that are in college and say we are off for two days," said Janelle.

Working their contacts, the couple was able to find another temporary fix--Hershey's Ice Cream. However, the delivery won't arrive until Thursday.

Once Blue Bell clears up all its issues and is able to deliver again, John worries about customer confidence.

"We're worried about a long lasting effect in loss of confidence by the people that choose Blue Bell up till today," said John.

For now all they can do is chill and think about making their customers, especially the little ones, happy again.

"What happens, happens. I'm just so proud of my husband that he had the fortitude to pick up, get different ice cream and within two days we'll be back open. Because it's important that those kids get ice cream," said Janelle.

Blue Bell was also pulled from Sal and Mookie's restaurant in Biloxi and the Sams in Gulfport.

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