Biloxi Indians fans say there is no mascot controversy

Biloxi Indians fans say there is no mascot controversy

Biloxi High School has been in the public eye since a national petition began to change the school's mascot.

Tuesday, the Biloxi Public School's Board of Directors met for the first time since the high school band was scrutinized after they performed at Washington D.C.'s Cherry Blossom Festival.

The performance sparked controversy when they wore their traditional Native American headdresses. The Indian Country Today media network wrote an article condemning the costumes, and shortly after, a petition was started asking the band to change its mascot.

While there was no discussion of the petitions at the meeting, over at the school's softball field there was a lot of school pride being shown as the Lady Indians took on the Ocean Springs Greyhounds. Most fans were tight lipped about the situation because in their eyes, there is no controversy.

"They don't need to change nothing. It's always been that way. It's never been the same. Everybody wants to change something. They don't need to change it," said Allen Marsland.

School alumni say a local counter petition, suggesting the name stay as it is, has been started that has more than a thousand signatures.

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