DMR remains active in post-oil spill restoration projects

DMR remains active in post-oil spill restoration projects

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Five years after the BP oil spill, the Department of Marine Resources remains active in both assessing the damage and planning restoration projects.

The chief scientific officer for the department, Dr. Kelly Lucas, says while much information has been gathered about the local impact of the disaster, many questions remain unanswered. Various studies are ongoing to assess the short and long term impact on our marine resources and seafood industry.

Lucas says much more should be known when the Natural Resource Damage Assessment information is made public.

"I think we're all waiting to see what the results of that information is going to be, as well as looking at the baseline studies and the post-oil spill studies," said Lucas. "So, it may be a long time before we know the full effects of the oil spill."

The DMR is working closely with the Department of Environmental Quality, which is the state's trustee for the ongoing oil spill restoration efforts.

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