Gautier to build splash pad for summer fun

Gautier to build splash pad for summer fun

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - The City of Gautier is considering upgrading one of its heavily used parks with a very popular summer feature so kids can have a splashing good time.

Lillian Bains spends many of her weekends at the George Martin City Park in Gautier, but she feels there is not much to do here with her friends.

"I like that there is stuff for little kids, but it is too much, and we need more cooler and exciting stuff," said Lillian.

Several parents agree with Lillian that upgrades are needed. They say water activities would be a great addition to make the park more fun when the temperatures rise.

"I don't like there is not a splash pad and more things for people to do out here. The neighboring cities have one, so it would be nice to have one in Gautier," said parent Morgan Dunston.

"We needed it so our families don't have to go to another town to play in the water. It is hot out here, and it is South Mississippi. When they are playing out here, they need to be able to run and cool off," said resident Serina Outland.

The makeover is on the way. Gautier City Councilman Casey Vaughn said the city has agreed to build a 2,100 square foot fun water zone. Tuesday night, the council will have to choose what design will best fit the park.

"It will have many features related to nature's playground. We will have a sandhill crane, barn style dumping buckets that will dump on the children's head and many other special features," said Vaughn.

The splash pad will cost $200,000, but Vaughn said residents won't be drenched with the bill.

"Taxpayers will not have to pay any more in taxes. It's already in the budget. It was some funds that were allocated many years ago to be spent here at City Park," said Vaughn.

Many parents and residents are anticipating having a soaking good time with their kids once the splash pad is built.

"For the children to have things to do and not just sit around and play on the computer and get out and explore nature," Emma Bains said.

"Get it done. We need this splash pad," Outland said.

City officials said once the council approves one of the two options, the city will then move forward with all final elements of the design. Once the design is 100 percent complete, construction can begin.

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